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Clients of The Kavinoky Law Firm

Couldn't be more pleased!

Good afternoon sir. My name is XXXX and I hired your firm to represent me on a DUI charge in Santa Barbara. This was a very serious matter for me as it would've been my 2nd DUI charge as my previous one occurred in Michigan in 2008. Anthony Khoury did a fantastic job representing me and was able to get the Santa Barbara DA to dismiss my case!! I can't tell you how much this outcome means to me and how appreciative I am of the excellent work of Mr. Khoury!

Thanks again for everything. I just wanted to show my appreciation and to let you know that you have a fine, hard working and committed young attorney in Anthony Khoury.




I had a great experience with this firm from the first time I contacted them. They were friendly and helpful, and my lawyer always answered my calls or got back to me immediately. I was hoping for a plea bargain but they would not give a good deal on my DUI. We went to trial and ended up with a hung jury. The DA didn't re-file, and I got off.



I want to thank you for your time in the case against XXXX. He has not received a call from the DA so I am sure they are dropping the case. I had a great experience with Tara (Gallogly)! I can't thank you enough for all your help.

I don't think this harmony would have happened any other way, and I am pleased to say that as a result of all of this I have more fortitude for my future endeavors!

Thank you again for everything. I will always recommend your law firm to anyone who should ever need a lawyer. If the case is brought up I will contact Tara. I am so happy to have retained your law firm. : - ) I hope all is well for you and your family!

E.C. and M.B.


These guys do a great job

I hired the Kavinoky Law Firm when I got a DUI and they delivered. My lawyer was really informed and I didn't have to worry about what was happening with my case. They helped me settle my case and make it go away, which was exactly what I wanted.



Friendly staff. They know about DUI!

I thought the staff at Kavinoky was great. Helped me get through a really bad time in my life. I was really depressed and they treated me nice. They worked with a rehab to help with all of my troubles with drugs and alcohol. Also, they know a lot about DUI. I was relived when they took care of everything during my case.



I recommend this law firm

I hired the Kavinoky Law Firm to defend me on petty theft charges. They prepared my case so well that the DA dropped the charges! Well worth the money.



Would be in jail, if not for Darren and his team.

I was arrested for a DUI about a year ago and was very thankful to find The Kavinoky Law Firm. I had heard that criminal attorneys were not to be trusted, that wasn't the case here. They never promised results, but promised effort and they delivered. I received constant updates on my case and the outcome was much more favorable (I am told by people I have spoken with since) then I could have gotten had I stayed with my Public Defender. I will never forget Darren, his team...or their efforts.



"The Kavinoky Law Firm got me an acquittal on my DUI charge"

I was arrested for DUI in Mission Hills on Sept. 5, 2008 and didn't know what to do - I've never been in any kind of trouble before. A friend recommended the Kavinoky Law Firm and they handled my DUI case professionally from the start. They helped me set up a DMV hearing and even helped me talk to my insurance company. I just wanted to plead guilty but my lawyer convinced me that I had a good chance of winning my case at trial. I'm so glad I listened to him! I was acquitted on both counts.



My lawyer did a good job

I got arrested for drunk driving after hitting a parked car and went with this firm on the recommendation of a friend. I thought I was totally screwed (blood alcohol of 18) but they got me a really good deal so I pleaded guilty. They also won my DMV hearing so I got to keep my drivers license.



This firm saved my BUTT!

I had a VERY good experience with the Kavinoky Law Firm. First off, they were extremely responsive. I had so many questions and I felt very comfortable calling them any time. I had a commercial license and absolutely could not afford to get a conviction for DUI. They handled my case like professionals and ended up getting me a reduction to a "dry reckless." I was told by many lawyers that they could do nothing for me because I had blown a .14 in to the PAS device and a .16 into the machine at the station. THANK GOD FOR THIS FIRM... they saved my job, my house, my family, basically my life. Well worth the money I spent!



Good Deal

I had a good experience with this firm. I hired them to handle my DUI charge and the attorney was responsive and got the job done. I had a BAC of 18 so I didn't think it would be a good idea to go to trial, and my lawyer agreed. The lawyer negotiated a plea bargain for me that was a way better deal than I could have gotten on my own.


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